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About Us

Timeshare Refuge and The Timeshare Dump were created by timeshare owners for timeshare owners.  It has become a success due to three key components which separate us from other companies in the market.

Timeshare Dump - Timeshare RefugeThrough our frustrations with the selling and disposal of un-wanted timeshare weeks we realized that there was an inherent cost that most timeshare owners do not even know exists.  This cost is found in the "transfer fees"  that must be paid to the resort or management company before they will accept a new owner.  These fees are assessed by your HOA or Management company and they are put in place to "lock" you into your ownership.  If the resort is not paid to accept a new owner you will remain the registered owner as well as the responsible party for all fees.  So, a timeshare transfer isn't as simple as "let's record a deed to Mr. and Mrs. Smith and they now own the property".  There are many steps and fees involved that we simplify to ensure that your transfer is legal and recognized by the resort, ending your financial burden.

We also found that most timeshare owners experience between 2 and 4 losses of their hard earned money due to "timeshare resale scams".  We define "timeshare resale scams" as those companies that market you at home requesting up-front listing, appraisal or marketing costs with the promise of big dollar returns when your timeshare sells.  The average cost per loss is around $800 and this adds up quickly.  Don't fall prey to these companies as they will just cost you valuable time and money.

We then discovered an untapped market for timeshares that allows us to transfer these unwanted weeks to new owners from all over the world, the catch is that these new owners are non-typical owners.  They do not "buy" timeshares from resort developer's and do not use them for personal travel.   They use them for corporate travel, rental programs and condominium club fulfillment.  Since they do not buy timeshares the transfer to them must be a no cost transfer but they will assume future obligations.

Thus we ended up with the service side of timeshare disposal.  Through The Timeshare Dump, Timeshare Refuge is able to transfer your timeshare under a unique set of circumstances that you'll not be able to find elsewhere.  These transfers are 100% guaranteed or your money back and here are four promises to you.

    1. You won't be asked for any up-front listing, appraisal or marketing costs.
    2. Our transfers are not contingent upon your property selling.  All properties will be transferred to a new owner.
    3. You will be given one of three options ranging from we buy your timeshare to you pay the transfer fees to transfer your timeshare.
    4. Upon acceptance and completion of the transfer, your financial obligation for the timeshare will be concluded.

We look forward to working with you, take refuge in our experience and realistic process that will leave you free of financial burden for years to come.