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Timeshare Refuge - Home of the Timeshare Dump!





Q: What is Timeshare Refuge?
A: Timeshare Refuge provides timeshare owners with Guaranteed Timeshare Exit solutions. Timeshare Refuge’s guaranteed solutions offer both Financial Relief and Peace of Mind from unwanted or unused timeshares.  As Refuge indicates we will protect you from the storm of fees.

Q: Who uses Timeshare Refuge?
A: Timeshare Refuge’s service was created specifically for timeshare owners who are:

  • No longer using their timeshares to the proper extent.
  • Those who have been burdened by excessive maintenance fees and miscellaneous Special Assessments.
  • No longer able to afford the financial burden of ownership.
  • Frustrated by the Timeshare Resale market and their failure to sell a Timeshare through a listing company.
  • Worried about their children inheriting a Timeshare and the financial obligations that come with it (yes, your loved ones inherit your Timeshare when you pass away whether they want it or not).  Most of the time they are simply inheriting an ongoing debt.
  • Irritated that they can’t vacation where they want, when they want.
  • Aggravated with Timeshare exchange companies.
  • Tired of vacationing at the same vacation destination every year.
  • Realizing that there are more vacation options available for much less.
  • Widowed or divorced and no longer able to travel with loved ones.
  • Inheritors of a Timeshare they don’t want or use.

Q: What qualifications must be met to use Timeshare Refuge’s service?
A: Timeshare Refuge accepts the majority of all timeshares, less than 1% cannot be transferred through our service. Your timeshare must be paid in full and your current Timeshare Maintenance Fees and Special Assessments must be current and up to date.  This open acceptance is what has earned us the title of THE TIMESHARE DUMP.

Q: Do you guarantee the timeshare will be transferred out of my name?
A: Yes. We will only accept the timeshare if we can guarantee to transfer it out of your name.

Q: Does Timeshare Refuge charge any upfront fees with a guarantee to sell my Timeshare?
A: NO. Timeshare Refuge is not a listing company or a resale company and does NOT charge its customers a listing fee, advertising fee or appraisal fee promising to transfer your timeshare. Timeshare Refuge provides its customers with a timeshare transfer service and will only request payment for the services rendered to you.

Q:  How does Timeshare Refuge assist if my timeshare does have monetary value in the open/general market?
If your timeshare has true market value and we know we can sell the property or locate a new owner who will pay some or all of the transfer costs we can offer you one of two choices for the transfer of your timeshare ownership.   The first of those choices would be:

  1. "We buy it".  Yes, that's correct, Timeshare Refuge will offer you an on the spot purchase price for your ownership.
  2. In situations wherein the timeshare does not have an ascertainable value but from experience we know we have a new owner located who will pay a portion of or all of the transfer fee costs we will offer you a "reduced or no cost transfer".

Both of these types of transfers are 100% guaranteed and you will be relieved of your future financial obligation.

Q:  What If My Timeshare has no monetary value or a negative monetary value?
Due to the incredible number of timeshares on the secondary market along with a poor economy, a lot of timeshares simply don’t have any value. If your timeshare has negative or no value we do offer a Guaranteed Transfer Program. The costs for a Guaranteed Timeshare Transfer range between $0 and up depending on your particular resort. Our fee covers ALL title closing, estoppel, transfer, recording fees, etc,. Our transfers don't hinge on your timeshare actually being SOLD, we get you out no matter what!

Q: Does your service involve me getting into another vacation package or vacation club?
A: No. Timeshare Refuge is devoted to helping you and your family save money on vacation costs and to relieve you completely of your Timeshare contract.

Q: Will my name be completely off the Timeshare deed?
A:  Absolutely 100% guaranteed. All title transfers are handled by professional, experienced and reliable title transfer companies. Depending on the property of record, title is transferred via Deed, Membership, Lease, Assignment, or as required by resort official governing documents.

Q: Who will be responsible for my future Timeshare fees?
A: From the very moment you decide to use Timeshare Refuge, Timeshare Refuge will take immediate responsibility for all future Timeshare Maintenance Fees, Special Assessments and Property Taxes on your Timeshare. That is our commitment to each and every one of our clients.

Q: If I have a current reservation with my home resort or a week banked with an exchange company, will the transfer of my Timeshare cause any problems?
A: No. If you have a Timeshare week that you have already paid for, then you should be able to use your week without any problems.

Q: My children do not want to inherit my Timeshare. What do I do?
A: The best thing to do is get the Timeshare legally transferred out of your name with the help of Timeshare Refuge to ensure a smooth transfer process. Otherwise, your children will most likely inherit your Timeshare.

Q: What Happens If I Try To Walk Away From My Timeshare?
A: Some unknowing owners have begun to simply walk away from their properties and maintenance fees which ruins their credit and doesn't eliminate the liability. Late fees, taxes and assessments will continue to compound as a legal debt and the lack of payment can be reflected on credit reports.

The legal obligation of walking away from a timeshare is the same as if you walked away from any financial obligation (car payment, house payment, credit card payment, etc.). The resort will turn your name over to a collection agency that will then hound you for your maintenance fees and if you don't oblige them the resort will thrash your credit.